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NEFI has been a leader in developmental lending syndication in Canada. Sharing loans with other developmental organizations, such as Beaver River CFDC, Visions North CFDC, SNEDCO, SIEF, Saskatchewan Northern Affairs Northern Development Fund, and Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan allows us to finance larger projects.


Investing in Our Youth

Northern Spirit Scholarships
Developing people and developing communities go hand in hand. That is why NEFI supports the education of individuals through the Northern Spirit Scholarships program. To date, NEFI has awarded over 240 renewable scholarships of $2,500 each to promising students in northern Saskatchewan. In 2003, 25 awards were made from among 60 applicants. Scholarship recipients are chosen based on students' marks and potential contribution to northern Saskatchewan.

Congratulations to all Northern Spirit Scholarship recipients! You are our future leaders.

Jason YoungJason Young, of Cumberland House, is developing himself to be a leader. The teacher, husband and father is working toward his Masters Degree in Education with the help of a Northern Spirit Scholarship. His long term career goals include educational administration, leadership and political service. "A teacher impacts the lives of dozens of children. An administrator impacts the lives of hundreds or thousands of people. I have chosen to develop my leadership abilities so that I can have greater impact in my community," says Jason.

Jason's graduate research focus deals with connections between education and success among Aboriginals. He hopes to provide insight, solutions and strategies to teachers, administrators and parents to reduce the number of Aboriginal students who drop out of high school. Currently, nearly half of Aboriginal high school students living off reserve do not complete school.

Jason says that the scholarship of $5,000 over two years is helping his family immensely - helping to make this degree possible and opening new doors for him. Attending the University of Saskatchewan, Jason plans to pursue leadership roles within education in Northern Saskatchewan. "It is my home, it's what I know and where I can be most effective," he says. "I will always return to the North.'

Download the PDF application form:

pdf Scholarship Program Application

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