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Cornelius Ballantyne
Deschambault Lake

Elmer Campbell

Roy Cheecham

Joan MacDonald
Stony Rapids

Lawrence McIntyre

Joe Roberts
Stanley Mission


Gordon Shaw

Northern Enterprise
Fund Inc.

Box 220
Beauval, Saskatchewan
S0M 0G0

Phone: (306) 288-2258
or 1-800-864-3022
Fax: (306) 288-4667
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Message from the Board of Directors

During the past three years, we have worked hard to transform our organization into one which will be self-reliant and effective in enhancing Saskatchewan's North. While these years have been challenging, we are now looking to the future with tremendous enthusiasm and confidence.

Balancing our non-profit development mandate with the need to remain viable as an organization is an ongoing challenge. We take the view that this balance makes us a healthier organization: the stronger and more self-reliant we are, the better we are able to serve the community over the long term. Our self-reliance also gives us the flexibility to be more responsive to the needs of our clients and potential clients and to partner more effectively. We hope that, in this way, we can be a model for the kinds of strong organizations we are in turn helping to build.

In recent years, our shift to self-sufficiency without operating grants has also forced us to work cost effectively and to find new sources of revenue. We have done this through three major strategies: investing in the capacity of our people, rationalizing our lending portfolio, and expanding our business service offerings.

Our utmost priority continues to be to grow our fund sustainably, preserving it for future generations. Our view is to the long term. We are pleased to see the accomplishments of our fund and the impact we have been able to have. We hope that our work continues to spread the sense of ownership and vibrancy we share in our great home of northern Saskatchewan.

hard hatOur thanks go to our many partners and supporters who work with us toward our vision; our staff who work tirelessly; and our clients, whose dreams we have the privilege to help make a reality.


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